Beautiful + affordable 22' Monitor : Viewsonic VX2209


When comes to choosing the best monitor for tight budget, we usually have hard times to find it.  Most of budget monitor comes with big bezels, thick design, cheap plastic build and even equip with low quality screen.

But not with Viewsonic VX2209, after couples of day of online survey, we found this particular brand offer great monitor and we admit it, we had a very good feeling after unboxing it. Check it out guys.


VX2209 comes with standard packaging likes other monitor brands. A thick box with clean dual color graphic design printed of several information on the box.

Views of front and back of the packaging box.

Inside the box, here what we get. The 22 inch monitor it self with glossy plastic back design with pre installed metal stand, dc power adapter, vga cable, 2 screw, glass feet with circle design and of course a printed manual sheet. So over all its comes with premium build material. We are impress with that :)

1. Packaging Box
2. 22 inch VX2209 LCD monitor with pre installed metal stand
3. 2x pieces screw
4. Power adapter
5. VGA cable
6. monitor feet with rounded glass design
7. Manuals

Printed manual sheet comes with several language. Pretty sure the monitor are sells globally.

Standard power adapter with 12V output / 240v input. We likes the friendly cable's thickness. 


The monitor stand are easy to install with only 2 screw mount at the bottom of the glass feet. 


We love the 18mm slim bezel. We found that the VX2209 bezels frame are actually metal and not extruded. Currently most of cheap monitor have thick and extrude plastic bezels that's we found many times are not appealing.

Navigation button at the right side of the bottom screen. But the actually button are on the back with easy to access by our finger with five available buttons. The button feels a little bit stiff to press but its not a big deal. 

Some build information at the back of monitor. As we explained earlier, the back are plastic with glossy finish, so you might fount it is dust and finger print nightmare after all.

At the bottom of the back panels, Viewsonic provide only basic connector, VGA, DVI and power socket.


VX2209 have standard 22 inch LCD screen. Viewsonic only state its was active matrix TFT LCD. But we can say its quality are comparable with IPS. The viewing angles are really great.

Here some screen specification you will get :
1. Resolutions : 1080x1920 full HD
2. Anti glare with 3H hard coating
3. Contrast ratio : 1000:1
4. Response times : 5ms
5. Suports color : 16.7 millions

VX2209 Navigation menu with clean interface


PRICE : $100
Pros : Great viewing angles, good build material, glass feet, metal stand, slim bezels
Cons : Back panels are fingerprints and dust nightmare, no HDMI slots

Oh! we forget to state that, VX2209 are SMB'S 2016 Reader Choice Awards for Best Monitor : Silver Awards!

A sub $100 monitor with good build quality. That's what we feels. Beautiful craft and we can say its worth for the price. You might want to see full specification from Viewsonic website.

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