APACER PANTHER SSD AS340 120GB : ssd for tight budget


2019 Is the year where every computer equip with ssd at least for boot drives. In late 2017 SSD price starting to get cheaper especially with TLC nand type as its are the most cost efficient for consumer. We can see today most of laptops will equip 1x ssd for boot drives.

 Apacer is one of major brand in computer parts such as laptops and ram also not to be miss in releasing their budget ssd AS340 Panther series. 


Here's how AS340 Panther SSD packaging look like. A simple hard plastic cover.

On the back, there are a bunch of important information such as specs and warranty. Below is the picture of AS340 SSD after unboxing.


AS340 comes in standard variation size to chose, 120gb/240gb/480gb & 960gb. Here are  specification of the SSD :

Interface : SATA 3 6GB/s
NAND Flash : TLC 3D
Read performance : Up to 550mb
Write performance : Up to 520mb
MTBF : 1,500,000 hour
ECC Support : Upto 72bit/1KB
IOPs (4K Random Write) : Up to 70,000


We not tested it to much as we are expected to be on par with others brand with their same entry level SSD's. Result from CrystalDiskMark below shows good performance as expected with read/write test result around 500MB/s & 450MB/s.

Currently We are using this AS340 as our backup laptop's boot drive and its doing great. Of course we recommend it especially for who want ssd with good value for money.

More information on AS340 can be found at official Apacer product website here.

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