Athlon 3000g PC build : Guide for cheap with good performance PC

Nowadays, You can build PC by yourself as you can cut cost and give more space to choose only parts that you really need. But, how to get a good performance PC with low budget setup? Please watch our video below

🎬 Watch Athlon 3000g PC Build : Cheap but Good peformance Build 

Basically, a PC should have those parts to be function properly :
  • PC Case / Tower Case
  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Graphic Unit (Integrated APU or Graphic Card)
  • Power Supply
  • Hard Drive (SSD Or HDD)
  • Ram
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

You also need to have some basic knowledge of PC Parts because all the parts need to be fit and match with each requirements for example DDR4 ram will only work with CPU and motherboard that support ddr4. AMD CPU will support mother board with AMD socket and so do with intel CPU.


In this Video guide, We are AMD CPU setups. We are using AMD Processor with integrated Vega graphic so that we not need to buy graphic card. if you use processor without integrated graphic, a graphic card is needed to buy separately.
  1. CPU AMD Athlon 3000G / Raven Ridge with integrated Vega Graphic APU (Am4 sockets)
  2. MSI A320M-A Pro  Motherboard / Support Raven Ridge (mATX size / Am4 sockets)
  3. Alcatroz Futura PC Case with power supply (mATX size)
  4. Kingston HyperX Ram (DDR4 2666mhz)
  5. Seagate Hard Disk Drive (500gb)

🛒 Where To Buy PC Parts ?

See MD Athlon 3000G Offer :

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After get all the necessary parts, You may follow the user guide included in the product or just google/ watch EssyPrime video guide here to build your PC.


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