Frequently Asked Question

What is EssyMods?
Essymods are informative website sharing news, tricks, tips and reviews of tech stuff such as gadgets, today technologies, computers and graphic design

Who own Essymods?
Essymods are sub division website of SCWorkspace which are registered company in Malaysia.

Its reviewed items are sponsored?
Most of our reviewed item are purchased item but if any company want us to review their products, please contact us for proper arrangements.

Do you have a repair tutorial for (item)?
Maybe! We have a lot of tutorials. Try searching for it or browsing our tutorial in tips or tricks category.

Can I really fix (item) myself?
Probably! But it depends how well your skills match the task. Every repair guide has a difficulty rating at the top that will give you some idea of what's involved. But you don't have to take that rating as gospel! Try looking through the guide ahead of time to see if it's a procedure you feel matches your skill level. And if it's completely broken now, you might not have anything to lose!

I don't want to fix it myself. Can I pay someone to do it?
Essymods aren't a repair company. But we provide several tips in our website for reference purpose and we encourage user to use our information under the guidance from the professional.

Is all the information here free?
Yes, all of our information are free to use. They are also free to share, copy, and redistribute under certain conditions. Please contact us for more information.

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