TAISU SSD : Budget SSD for longer life-cycle (MLC Nand)


When we reviewing budget SSD, most of SSD manufacture out there offered a TLC nand type of flash. In SSD, there are 3 major types of nand flash that are important to know because its affect the lifecycle of the SSD. To put simple below are the types of nand flash with pros and cons.

TLC nand (Triple Level Cell)
Pros : Cheapest cost to manufacture lead to cheaper SSD price
Cons : Shorter read/write lifecycle around 3000 cycle per cell. Not recommended for heavy gaming and graphic design related

MLC nand ( Multi Level Cell)
Pros : More reliable than TLC with read/write licecycle around 10000 cycle per Cell.
Cons : More pricey than TLC for cost productions.

SLC nand (Single Level Cell)
Pros : Longest lifespan with read/write lifecycle around 100000.
Cons : High cost to produce leads to high price with low storage.


We come across to this particular Hong Kong brand SSD called TAISU. Its equipt with MLC nand with affordable price. We got it around $90 for 480Gb from AliExpress which is lowest price we found for this longer lifecycle MLC nand. Several popular brands are offer only TLC nand for the same price.


The packaging are so-so with windowed box and a bunch of info's in Chinese language. May not understand all the text but there are numbers and global terms are used, that we can understand it is the specifications information are actually stated on the box after all.

Here are the images of TAISU SSD after we unboxing it. Simple on the top but with bunch of information's at the back.

Package are simple. Includes only SSD and some piece of paper printed in chinese. We pretty sure it is warranty's terms and other important information.


We run a simple read/write speed test using CristalDiskMark. below are the result.

Tested with our new build Gaming Rig (HAGANE H-1). You may want to see the unboxing video here

Hmm... We are not impress with the result. Read/write around 300MB/s which is average. But wait!!…  Its MLC nand and it do have longer lifespan right?.. and pair with MARVELL controller and MICRON chips. Yes you read it. That are some good chips brand for SSD.

It stated on its official website. You may visit here for more detailed information.


The specs are writen in chinese buy we pretty sure you will understand it :)

Well, That's it. We might not recommend it for boot drive because of average speed. But for the MLC, we can say it's good for installing games and apps as read/write lifecycle are longer than TLC's SSD.

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